Here it is – my interview with Giuseppe Graziano on investing in liquid domains

2. How have you seen the dynamics of the numeric domain name market change over the last year?


According to the data in our reports, all liquid domains categories covered by the LXDO have steadily declined over time in terms of floor price. We are still in the aftermath of the Chinese bubble of 2015, and today there are a lot less Chinese buyers active in the market. Conversely, we have noted an increase in activity by non-Chinese investors, especially for the most developed categories, that is 2 letters, 3 letters, and 2 characters .com.

3. Where are the best places for investors to look if they want to buy wholesale?


A good rule of thumb for buying domains (or anything really) is “go where you have less competition”. It’s the universal law of supply and demand. In practical terms, the best place for buying domains wholesale is almost always private deals, because you are likely the only buyer negotiating with the owner. Conversely, if you are a seller, you want to sell where the largest amount of active buyers are, like the most popular action houses, marketplaces or the best domain brokers. For the low ticket items like the 4 letters, 5 numbers or 3 characters, I would definitely look at GoDaddy or Namejet because they probably have the largest user base.


For the mid-range items (3L, 4N, 2C), we recently launched an investor marketplace specifically for 3L .com domains called[4] (Liquid Domain Market Exchange). All the largest investors are active there and you can manage to sell your 3 letter .com domain very quickly at industry low fees. One of our Danish customers managed to sell his 3L .com literally within 15 minutes of setting the right price!


Finally, for the high ticket items like the 2 letter, 2 number or 3 number .com, I would hire a professional broker to represent you, because that allows you to target end users and not just investors. You can seriously hurt your chances of getting top dollar if you go about selling your ultra-premium domain the wrong way, for example by listing it on auction with an incorrect reserve price, or by hiring someone who is going to carelessly shop it around. We have extensive brokerage experience at, with over $10M in sales in liquid domains only, so if you are looking for a broker for a high ticket item, I would definitely recommend to contact us.

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